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Enjoying the Romance of Pink Beach Komodo with Sewaboat

Hearing the beauty of Pink Beach Komodo, some of you might be interested to visit this beach even have taken a step further. For example, taking a Pink Beach Tour. Tour trips have been planned. The destination has been determined. Even plane tickets have been booked before the day of departure. But this preparation is not enough. Transportation to Pink Beach Flores and the accommodation must be prepared as well. Considering about the difficulty of its access, you also need to order a boat.

If this is your first time on visiting the Pink Beach Flores or Komodo Island, there may be a bit of confusion in ordering a boat. Which one to choose? How do you rent it? And more importantly, how much the rent?  In confusion, there is one ship rental provider to consider. The ship rental provider is SewaBoat. SewaBoat is one of the experienced boat rental providers that you can find in Labuan Bajo. It has served tourists who want to visit Komodo National Park, including the Pink Beach Flores for a long time.

Sewaboat will not only take you to the intended tourist destination. SewaBoat will also show you the best side of any tourist destination in the Komodo National Park, including Pink Beach Flores. Even if you ever have traveled to this beach, SewaBoat will show the other side of Pink Beach.

Do you interested with underwater life? Sewaboat provides snorkeling equipment. Do you need a guide to get to know all the things on the Pink Beach Komodo? Sewaboat has also provided tour guide services.

All of these facilities are available in one package. For those of you who want to enjoy a complete tour package to several tourist destinations at once, Sewaboat also provides a full day tour package. In here, you can visit all popular destinations around Labuan Bajo such as Padar Island, Komodo National Park, Manta Point to Kanawa Island. You do not need to worry about the costs. Sewaboat offers a competitive price.

The opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Pink Beach Komodo is not obtained by everyone. Only a few people are lucky enough to get it. But ons, you can get the same opportunity. But there is one thing to do. You have to prepare it well. There is nothing to worry. Sewaboat is here to help you. We are ready to provide all the facilities you need in our Pink Beach Tour.


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Enjoy a tour package of exploring islands around Labuan Bajo, full day with destination of 5 islands.

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It was the best day ever! The staff were super friendly and helpful. Everything we had on board was fantastic!


It was a great holiday tour package with Sewaboat. What beautiful islands and Komodo in their habitats!

Eddie Wallace
Eddie Wallace

Sewaboat's staffs and boat crews are very friendly. We also satisfied with the professional rangers.

Hugo Mullins
Hugo MullinsWashington, DC

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Pink Beach Komodo, Preserved Nature Romance

The warmth of the sun, the softness of the sand and the coldness of sea water, beach tourism provides a pleasant experience for every visitor. His charm always gives an unforgettable impression. This is what you will get when visiting the beaches in the Nusa Tenggara Timur region. The charm of the East Indonesia region is still maintained. There is even a unique beach that you might never have seen before. Pink Beach Komodo or Pink Beach Flores, a place where romanticism of nature mingling with the life of the giant lizard, the Komodo dragon.

The Charm of Pink Beach Komodo

Komodo National Park, Nusa Tenggara Timur, this is where the Pink Beach Komodo is located. This beach is located on Komodo Island which is also known as the Komodo dragon’s native habitat. As a beach, all you can expect from a beach tour can be found here. But one thing that makes this beach so special. The color of the sand is pink.

This is where the name Pink Beach Komodo come from. Similar to beaches in Eastern Indonesia, the beach looks well-maintained by the nature. There isn’t much human intervention here. The sea is so clear and the beach looks so clean. This is the impression of the Pink Beach Komodo.

The beauty of the Pink Beach Flores is not limited on the beach. Its underwater life is also stunning. Hundreds of different types of coral and the other marine biota can be found here. Not surprisingly, this beach becomes one of the tourist icons of Komodo Island.

The Attraction of Pink Beach Komodo

The charm of the Pink Beach Komodo or Pink Beach Flores is inseparable from the uniqueness of the landscape. The color of the sand becomes its identity. All of these charms are just undeniable even encourage visitors to explore the Pink Beach Flores even further.




There are many things you can do in this beach. Starting from enjoying the beautiful views of the beach and going to snorkeling, you can do all of them here. The beauty of the Pink Beach Komodo is growing beyond expectation with a row of hills that extends from the tip of the beach to the other end. If all the beauty is still not enough, wait until the sun sets. The sunset view of this beach is so famous.

How to Get to the Pink Beach Komodo

A sustainable and maintained beach has one consequence. There are no residents and not many facilities can be found here. Getting access to Pink Beach Komodo is not easy, especially when you are looking for the transportation. It is unlike in the more famous tourism spots.

Pink Beach Komodo is also quite far from urban areas. Therefore, the only way to reach this beach is by renting a boat from nearby city. Usually, tourists choose Labuan Bajo as a starting point before taking a tour to Komodo Island and its surroundings. You can also find many boat rental providers with their tour packages here.

By boat, Pink Beach Komodo can be reached in about 30 minutes from Loh Liang Pier. This dock is often used as a transit point before heading to Pink Beach. But if you want a different experience, you can also reach this beach on foot. At least, it takes about 4 hours.

Affordable Pink Beach Tour with Sewaboat

Traveling should not be spent with worry. It should be fun and giving a good memory. In Pink Beach Tour by sewaboat, getting all of them are just a certainty. Sewaboat will not only take you to the famous Pink Beach Komodo and show you the uniqueness of this beach. We will also guide you to explore it.

Let’s book your Pink Beach Flores Tour with the trusted SewaBoat and we will make your holiday dreams come true!

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