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The beauty of this island can only be enjoyed with careful planning and proper execution. Preparing various equipment is also necessary. Some of the equipment that must be brought are hat, sunglasses, hiking shoes and sunblock. You also need to prepare yourself by choosing the right Padar tour. For people who are still confused in making a choice, sewaboat can be a good candidate.

Sewaboat provides boat rental services to this island. There are 2 types of vessels available, namely PAS 01 and PAS 02. PAS 01 have a fairly small size with a capacity of 1 to 10 passengers. Whereas the PAS 02 ship is a larger size vessel that can accommodate 1 to 15 passengers. Padar Island Labuan Bajo tour packages are also available for people who want a complete tour package to this island. To get a pleasant experience while exploring this island, you need more than just a good timing. The role of experienced boat crews and tour guides are also necessary. They will give you more warranty to a memorable trip.


Sewaboat boat crew will ensure your trip is safe until the destination. When you reach Padar Island, the journey to the highest peak can be quite heavy. But along with sewaboat, it won’t feel tiring. On the contrary, you can enjoy the trip while admiring the views of the island with its hilly landscape and the blue sea. They are beautiful views that you can’t always get.

The journey to Padar Island can be a long and challenging journey. Proper preparation is needed to make this trip safe for you. To ensure that all, sewaboat provides complete facilities in Padar Island Labuan Bajo tour packages. Safety jackets are also available as mandatory facilities. In this tour package, everything you need is available. There is also a full day tour package that will take you around not only Padar Island but also other tourist destinations


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Enjoy a tour package of exploring islands around Labuan Bajo, full day with destination of 5 islands.

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It was a great holiday tour package with Sewaboat. What beautiful islands and Komodo in their habitats!

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Eddie Wallace

Sewaboat's staffs and boat crews are very friendly. We also satisfied with the professional rangers.

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Padar Island Labuan Bajo, Tracking the Lost Paradise of Komodo National Park

The natural beauty of Indonesia is often attracts anyone to explore it. A tropical paradise can almost be found all over the country, especially in the East Indonesia region which is famous for its natural beauty. Nusa Tenggara Timur is getting more popular as a tourism destination too. Many tourist destinations are born here. And for people who look for an adventure, there is Padar Island.

The Charm of Padar Island

Compared to Komodo Island, the name Padar Island does sound quite unfamiliar to ordinary people. This island is located next to Rinca Island. But unlike the other islands in the Komodo National Park, you cannot find the Komodo dragon easily here.


Although this island is located in the Komodo National Park area, the natural charm of this island is far from the komodo. The main attraction of this island is purely from its natural beauty, especially the hilly island landscape with the view of the beautiful sea. Yes, that is what you will find when taking Padar Island Labuan Bajo Tour.

Exciting Activities on Padar Island

The charm of this island is very distinctive with its hilly landscape. It makes the island just like a playground for climbers. Trekking is indeed a major activity of the island. This is what makes it so popular among adventurers.

Trekking on this Island not only promises an exciting and thrilling experience. Along the island tour, you will be faced with quite steep road conditions. Some climbs do look quite gentle and easy to get through. But there are also some fairly sharp inclines to force tourists to try harder. However, you don’t need to worry. This island is equipped with steps that will help you reach the highest shoulders.

Along the way, you will see the uniqueness of the island. Trees are something difficult to find. That is because this island is dominated by grasses. The condition of this grass will change according to the season. In the rainy season, a stretch of green grass will cover the island.



But during the dry season, the grass will turn yellow and decorate the surface of the Island. This is a beautiful view that you can only meet after taking the Padar Island Labuan Bajo tour package.

Exploring this island can be a quite heavy experience for some people. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose trekking time in the morning, which is around 7 am or in the afternoon. At these Time, the sun is not too hot and the heat is not too draining.

How to Get to Padar Island

Similar to the other tourist destinations in the Komodo National Park, access to this island is quite difficult. The easiest way to reach this island is via Labuan Bajo. To reach this city, you can use air transportation. Luckily, there are several airlines that open routes directly to this city now.

From Labuan Bajo, you can rent a boat at a varied price according to the size and the facilities. There is also a Padar Island Labuan Bajo tour package. For people who want the easiest way to reach the island, taking a tour package is the best choice.

In Padar Island Labuan Bajo tour packages, you will get lunch, mineral water, snorkeling equipment and tour guides. All of that is available in the full day tour package. So if you want to enjoy an adventure to this island and other popular destinations around Labuan Bajo, this tour package is perfect for you. Padar Island Labuan Bajo tour from sewaboat can be the answer for a complete and fairly affordable cost tour package. But as a consumer, of course you also want excellent service. Quality will always be a major consideration. Sewaboat can give it all. Quality service and affordable prices, two things you might be looking for right now.

The opportunity to explore the earth of Nusa Tenggara Timur, especially this island is wide open. Padar Island Labuan Bajo tourism packages are also available complete with all the facilities you need. Do you interested in enjoying the beauty of the third largest island in the Komodo National Park area? Sewaboat is ready to help you.

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