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SewaBoat offers boat rental services from Labuan Bajo to Kanawa Island. The trip takes approximately an hour with the scenic blue ocean as the view along the way. If you’re lucky, you can spot various fish in the clear water from your boat or explore the unreachable areas of the sea and stop for fishing activity.

The long hauling trip to Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo could be tiring for travelers especially if they come from across the globe. This is why, Sewa Boat is committed to offering convenient for customers above all else with detailed services according to your needs. There are a few types of boats for rent with expected amenities from standard to exclusive.


Our Speedboat accommodates up to 14 persons in private. The boat tour serves trips to Kanawa Island, Padar Island, Komodo Island and Pink Beach. Speedboat offers a relatively shorter time (30 to 90 mins) when compared to bigger boats. Hence, our speedboat is able to take you to the most popular destinations within half day. At SewaBoat, we only allow sea-worthy boat and maintain the cleanliness to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Each boat has one restroom and bedroom full AC. We offer meals in three times a day and ensure safety first by equipping each passenger with a life jacket upon boarding. Enjoy an exciting trip with SewaBoat and book a boat today!


Tour Packages

Full Day

Enjoy a tour package of exploring islands around Labuan Bajo, full day with destination of 5 islands.

Half Day

Enjoy a tour package of exploring islands around Labuan Bajo, half day with destination of 4 islands.

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It was the best day ever! The staff were super friendly and helpful. Everything we had on board was fantastic!


It was a great holiday tour package with Sewaboat. What beautiful islands and Komodo in their habitats!

Eddie Wallace
Eddie Wallace

Sewaboat's staffs and boat crews are very friendly. We also satisfied with the professional rangers.

Hugo Mullins
Hugo MullinsWashington, DC

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Kanawa Island

The exoticism of the beach in Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo has got to be the most beautiful one you’ll ever see. A tiny place with golden sandy beach and amazing underwater world are surely not to be missed!

Kanawa Island is only 15 km away from Labuan Bajo – an hour cruise by boat will take you to this remarkable Flores’ hidden gem. Once you arrive, you’ll be amazed by how crystal clear the blue sea could be, right from the front harbor. There are plenty of things to do in Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo; from getting a leisure walk around the beach, camping in an open ground to snorkeling and diving to witness further the wonderful undersea creatures.

The island offers various types of accommodations. You can opt for tents, bale-bale (Indonesia’s traditional type of seat or bed from wood), or bungalows – all of which gives you the sense of comfort like home. There are plenty of great facilities to choose from so rest assured that there’s always something for everyone.

Kanawa’s hillside is accessible through a dedicated trekking path. This is another great way to enjoy the magnificent sceneries from the sea and the surrounding islands from a higher ground. Offering bunch of activities to do every single day, here’s how you can have fun with your loved ones at Kanawa Island!

Enjoying the beautiful beach and refreshing environment at its best

Kanawa Island is a total retreat where you will be astonished by how pristine the beach and how peaceful the atmosphere can be. There are not many locals spotted in the area as most of them live in Rinca island, hence, it makes a great place to unwind from the hustle bustle of the city. Due to the low population and less pollutions, Kanawa’s breeze is utterly refreshing!


Fun stuffs to do in Kanawa island

Walking by the beach is a daily privilege that you have while staying in Kanawa island Labuan Bajo. Here are some other fun activities you can do during your stay!


Not an expert in diving? There’s still another way to enjoy the scenic ocean by snorkeling.


Find yourself face to face with Batfish, Kakatua fish, crabs and turtles plus other wonderful coral species. Each day will give you a new snorkeling experience given the huge marine oasis.


Getting deep into Kanawa’s bluest seawater is almost like entering a huge aquarium. You can find magnificent creatures from Manta Ray, Mola-Mola, pigmy, and many more fishes to spot on. As one of the best diving center in Southeast Asia, this place offers a complete set of diving equipment for you to rent. Also, a diving guide ready to accompany you exploring the underwater. Visitors who wish to have an underwater photography, Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo has the best marine life to explore. With a calm stream and colorful species living underwater, capture objects without any hurdles!


Camping at Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo is the perfect way to blend with the nature without leaving behind the hotel facilities. There are types of tents for rent to accommodate the visitors, each is fully equipped with pillows, blankets and other amenities.

 Leisure walk

A leisurely beach walk early in the morning or right before sunset is what true relaxation means. With the sea as the backdrop, Kanawa Island is an idyllic destination for those seeking romance. Who doesn’t like a long peaceful walk with your feet on the sands and the gentle tropical breeze passes through?

Up on the hills, a dedicated track offers another breathtaking point of view to watch the sea and the surrounding islands. End your day by resting comfortably in a hammock.

Beach volleyball

Apart from the relaxation opportunities, Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo offers fantastic beach volleyball as an activity to enjoy on your vacation. Join a friendly match each day with other team under the sunny weather!


What better way to enjoy the island than to sailing away? View Kanawa from the deck of a Phinisi or go fishing in the middle of the sea while having a lunch.

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